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EU continues to discriminate against non Ukrainian refugees

Refugees Welcome, if white. (Maria Teneva/Unsplash)

Just a couple of weeks ago there were hundreds of refugees, mainly from African and Middle Eastern countries, sleeping on the streets outside the main asylum application center in Brussels. Authorities have since cleared the area.

The refugees have fled to neighboring countries or have been crammed into emergency accommodation.

A few remain in the area but say their situation would be different if they came from Ukraine

Only because we are Afghan, because we come from Syria, because we don't have the same color, because we don't have same culture, but it will be not the reason, of course, a lot of people have the same mind.

I can work, I can do everything.

Asylum Seeker 01

When you come here from Ukraine, you get everything; accommodation, food, work, everything.

If you are from somewhere else, as a refugee, you do not get anything.

Asylum Seeker 02

Here, look, I cut also myself because we don't feel good in camp. I want to die, you look at my hands. I cut my hands too much, with glass.

I do it too much.

Because, what is it life eat and going to sleep?

Asylum Seeker 03

A debate in the European Parliament has heard that EU nations are erecting borders on land and strengthening aggressive Coast Guard services at sea.

The block pays billions of euros to outside countries to stop refugees from attempting to travel here, unless they are from Ukraine.

The EU slogan is 'break the business model of smugglers' but what we do is feeding them by blocking all pathways to protection.

Tineke Strik, Dutch MEP

There is a heavy far right anti refugee presence in the parliament claiming:

“Europe needs a policy based on strong border control”, but, fortunately, many legislators are calling for a more civilized approach.

We already fund third countries like Libya, actually, militias over there, to build camps, to host people there and we see murder, we see rape, and we do not see a humane solution.

Damian Boeselager, German MEP

Key EU figures are currently in Hiroshima, Japan for a G7 meeting. 350,000 people were living there when their closest ally, the United States, dropped its catastrophic atomic bomb in 1945.

More support for Ukraine is high on the agenda. Critics say the last thing on their minds is providing refuge to those fleeing countries they helped destabilize in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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