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Zionist apartheid system based on inflicting harm on Palestinians: Gaza journalist

A Palestinian woman sits on the rubble of her house in Gaza after Israeli strikes destroyed it. (Times of Gaza)

The Zionist entity cannot exist in a peaceful environment, as the apartheid system is based on inflicting harm, so the bigger the internal crisis, the greater the urge to attack Palestinians, a Gaza-based journalist and commentator told the Press TV website.

Yousef al-Farwi, an independent journalist from besieged Gaza Strip, said the illegitimate entity in an attempt to give itself legitimacy “manufactures wars and sheds blood” of Palestinians.

“Just as disease hates a healthy body, this illegitimate entity rushes to create new diseases so that it can continue occupying the body (Palestine),” he told the Press TV website in an interview.

The besieged Gaza Strip faced Israeli aggression for a fifth straight day on Saturday, with the death toll rising to 33 and the number of injured also crossing 150, according to local reports.

The fatalities include at least six children and three women, as well as six senior commanders of the Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in the assassination campaign against the movement.

In retaliation, the PIJ, which is the largest resistance group in Gaza after Hamas, has so far fired almost 1,000 rockets toward occupied territories, targeting the Israeli regime forces.

Farwi, who has witnessed the aggression against innocent Palestinian men and women by the apartheid regime over the years, including in the last few weeks, said the regime is grappling with “constant disquiet” due to the existential crisis it is facing.

“In the current political situation within the Zionist entity, this entity has been gripped by constant anxiety caused by the foundations on which it established its fake regime,” he stated.

“The thief's fear of being discovered and the aggressor's fear of discovering his weakness is the case with the regime, apart from material and moral costs it has incurred to remain the occupier and aggressor.”

The journalist and analyst said the Israeli regime because of its illegitimate nature “cannot accept any positive development between the societies and countries of the region”, referring to the recent wave of normalization between the Persian Gulf countries.

“The Zionists always need to sow continuous disputes and sedition that enable them to feel safe. They have a firm conviction that their security is based on damage,” Farwi remarked.

On Syria’s return into the Arab League fold and its implications on the Israeli regime’s relations with its Arab and Western allies, the analyst said, the Arab body must preserve the interests of Syria and counter the Zionist entity’s destabilizing activities in the region and the world.

“Unfortunately, Western countries have been looking for a long time, and to this day, with the eye of the colonizer, to the countries of the region, their wealth, and their people,” he said.  

“When they exercise their influence on some countries in the region that respond to them, they exercise it out of their support for the state of instability, thinking that by doing so, they may achieve good for the West,” he hastened to add.

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