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Emboldened by impunity, Israel commits more crimes against Palestinians: Prime Minister

Palestinians take part in the funeral of 22-year-old Samer Shafiee and Hamza Kharyoush, who were killed by Israeli troops during a raid on the Nur Shams refugee camp near the occupied West City city of Tulkarm on May 6, 2023. (Photo by Shehab news agency)

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has condemned the fatal shooting of two young Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, stating that Israel, emboldened by impunity, has mounted a relentless onslaught on the people of Palestine.

Shtayyeh extended his deep condolences to the bereaved families of 22-year-old Samer Shafiee and Hamza Kharyoush, who were killed by Israeli troops during a raid on the Nur Shams refugee camp near the city of Tulkarm on Saturday.

“The two martyrs are new victims of the organized terrorism being practiced by occupation (Israeli) soldiers against our people, as they carry out extra-judicial executions in complete disregard of international law and humanitarian principles,” the senior Palestinian official said in a statement.

He noted that the Israeli apartheid regime is characterized by “the lust for murder that feeds on the doctrine of immolation, ethnic cleansing and genocide,”

Shtayyeh went on to hold Israeli authorities fully responsible for the horrific crimes in the occupied territories, arguing that “the absence of uniform international standards has emboldened Israeli criminals to forge ahead with their offenses against the Palestinian nation.”

Back on March 30, UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Francesca Albanese said in a statement that the international community must take firm and principled action to protect the human rights and dignity of Palestinians, amid mounting violence in the occupied lands and the threat of even further Israeli annexation.

“The wave of deadly violence sweeping through the occupied West Bank since the beginning of this year is the inexorable consequence of an acquisitive and repressive occupation with no end in sight, and the culture of lawlessness and impunity Israel has nurtured and enjoyed,” she said.

Albanese noted that Israeli violence, including the deadly raid in Jenin refugee camp on January 26, in the Old City of Nablus on February 22, and in Ariha a week later, has left 80 Palestinians dead, and over 2,000 wounded, in less than 90 days.

The rights expert highlighted that over the past decades, the international community has witnessed record-high numbers of Palestinian deaths and injuries.  

“Israel, emboldened by a lack of meaningful intervention, has consolidated its acquisitive and repressive occupation, with [UN] member states offering little more than symbolic condemnation, humanitarians providing band-aid aid, and legal scholars entangled in theoretical debates,” she said.  

The senior UN official urged the world body to “move beyond simply counting casualties and calling for restraint.” 

“Tolerating annexation would legitimize aggression, bringing international law back almost a century: this is the reality the international community must stop immediately and reverse,” Albanese pointed out.

Over the past months, Israel has ramped up attacks on Palestinian towns and cities throughout the occupied territories. As a result of these attacks, dozens of Palestinians have lost their lives and many others have been arrested.

Most of the raids have focused on the West Bank cities of Nablus and Jenin, where Israeli forces have been trying to stifle a growing Palestinian resistance against occupation.

Local and international rights groups have condemned Israel’s excessive use of force and “shoot-to-kill policy” against Palestinians.

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