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Londoners join global outrage at genocidal Israeli attacks on Al Aqsa worshipers

Londoners protest against Israel outside London Embassy.

For two consecutive days London has witnessed large scale Action in support of Palestine outside Israel's UK embassy amid ongoing violence in the occupied Palestinian capital, Al Quds.

Thousands of Londoners joined the global outrage on Friday and Saturday after footage of Israeli forces attacking Muslim worshippers at Islam's holy Al Aqsa Mosque compound went viral on social media.

Palestinian Muslims were seen being beaten, shot at, and, tear gassed, whilst the famous mosque, the third holiest site in Islam, was desecrated.

Israeli regime violence against Palestinian Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan is nothing new. It happens on practically an annual basis.

This year, however, protesters feel particularly infuriated by the lack of condemnation from Western media sources.

Londoners feel that the West's selective outrage is based on institutional racism as well as geopolitics.

When the Ukraine situation happened everyone was going at it, there was UK flags everywhere, they were all on it, they wore Ukrainian flags, but when it comes to Palestine, which has been happening for years and years and years, I'm just going to say it straight up it is racism.

Football? They set Ukraine flags everywhere, they had the banner on the captain's armband was Ukraine.

And then when it comes to Palestine, they say keep politics out of football; there's so much double standards.

London Protest Member

And I think that that hypocrisy has become common knowledge now, I think we've crossed that point where we have to prove that there's a hypocrisy or a double standard. I think everyone can see it.

First off, thank God we live in an era where there is technology, things are being filmed. It's a very powerful tool as the alternative media is very powerful.

Mainstream media, the likes of the BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph,... is becoming less important in this new phase of liberation; most people are on social media.

Batool Al-Subeiti, Activist

On Wednesday, the Israeli regime raided the holy site for the second time in a row and tried to expel Palestinian worshipers by firing stun grenades and rubber bullets. Worshippers threw objects at Israeli troops in response.

The occupation of Palestine dates back to 1948 when Europeans began colonizing the land with the aim of creating a Jewish state.

Ukraine's conflict is just over one year old, but the reaction of Western powers to both crises remains immensely different.

Russia has faced massive economic sanctions and cultural excommunication from the Western world, while Israel continues to enjoy a productive relationship with both America and Europe.

However, the Israeli attacks on Al Aqsa didn't pass unanswered; rocket fire from Gaza and southern Lebanon sent shockwaves across Israel.

Tensions remain high as onlookers expect Israel's aggression to continue.

The protest was organized by pro-Palestine rights groups, including Friends of Al-Aqsa, Palestinian Forum in Britain, and Stop the War Coalition. Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and Jewish Voice for Labors were among the participants.


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