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Crimes of Israel

Yemen’s armed forces have staged drills marking eight years of the Saudi-led coalition’s war on the country. 
The military maneuver simulated an attack on a group of targets in a variety of terrains, including mountainous, desert-like and forested areas. Yemen’s infantry units, drone units and missile units took part in the drills. The Defense Ministry has warned Yemen’s response to new attacks would be "surprising". Saudi Arabia and its allies launched the devastating war on Yemen in March 2015 with armed and logistical support from their Western partners. Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis have been killed ever since. A UN-brokered ceasefire that took effect in April 2022 brought a sharp reduction in hostilities.

Yemen military drills

Palestinians held in Israeli jails have ended their hunger strike after the Israeli regime gave in to their demands. This has been hailed as a massivee victory by resistance groups. The Hamas movement says the victory has unleashed a new chapter of resistance against the Israeli regime. The Islamic Jihad also vowed to stand by the Palestinian prisoners and fight for their rights. At least 2,000 Palestinian inmates took part in the hunger strike. The action began on March 22 in protest at a push by Israeli minster Itamar Ben-Gvir to worsen the already dire incarceration conditions. The Israeli regime has now agreed to stop the oppressive measures. 

France pension protests 

People in France are swarming the streets amid ongoing protests against the government’s unpopular pension reforms. Labor unions had called on the crowds to rally against what they call President Emmanuel Macron’s scorn and lies. Thursday also marks the 9th day of nationwide strikes. Train services were disrupted and some schools shut while garbage piled up on the streets. The country has been the scene of protests and strikes since Macron announced his proposal in January. Public anger escalated last week, when the government adopted the pension reforms’ bill without a parliament vote. Macron has doubled down on his plan to lift the retirement age by two years, saying it will come into force by year-end. The latest wave of protests represents the most serious challenge to the president's authority since the Yellow Vest movement, which took place four years ago. 

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