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US-Israeli genocide in Gaza 

Israel’s airstrikes and artillery fire keep pounding various parts of the Gaza Strip, killing more civilians more than two-hundred days into the regime’s genocidal war. One of the latest attacks hit a house east of the southern city of Rafah, killing five citizens and injuring several others. The regime’s fighter jets attacked a house in the Shati refugee camp west of Gaza City, killing a mother and her two children, and injuring six others. At least, three Palestinian civilians were killed and dozens injured by Israel’s bombing of a house in Nassr neighborhood, west of Gaza City. Airstrikes on Ma'an and Al-Mawasi districts in Khan Yunis killed at least two civilians and injured several others. The regime’s strikes have killed at least 79 Palestinians and injured 86 others in the past 24 hours. The death toll from Israeli genocide in Gaza is now over 34,260, including 14,000 children. More than 77,000 people have been injured.

Yemen anti-Israeli operation 

The Yemeni Army says it has carried out fresh operations against American and Israeli vessels in international waterways. The country’s military spokesman, Yahya Saree, said in the first operation, an American commercial ship was hit with missiles in the Gulf of Aden. He added that the Yemeni army’s drones targeted an American destroyer in the Gulf of Aden and an Israeli vessel in the Indian Ocean during two subsequent operations. Saree said the new operations were conducted in response to airstrikes on the country by the US and UK, and also in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. He stressed that the Yemeni armed forces will continue to prevent navigation of Israel-related vessels in the Red and Arabian Seas, and the Indian Ocean until the regime’s genocide in Gaza stops.

US campus protests 

Students in the United States are expanding their solidarity rallies with Gaza across the country's campuses. On the other hand, the US police have escalated their violence against pro-Palestine protesters, arresting hundreds of them.

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