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Thousands rage against Netanyahu's 'legal reforms' for 10th straight week

Aerial view of thousands-strong protest in the coastal city of Tel Aviv in the occupied territories on March 11, 2023, against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's controversial "legal reforms"

Tens of thousands hold fresh rallies across several cities throughout the occupied territories for a 10th straight week, blasting so-called "legal reforms" that are planned by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's extremist cabinet.

The biggest demonstration was held in the coastal city of Tel Aviv on Saturday, attracting, what the Israeli regime's media estimated were, around 100,000 people.

Some 50,000 also rallied in the northern city of Haifa and 10,000 in Beersheba in the central part of the occupied territories. Media reports said the populations that gathered for the protests in the cities were the largest ever since early January when the demonstrations began.

The so-called reforms serve as the centerpiece of the policies of the Netanyahu-led cabinet, which he cobbled together late last year by wooing ultra-Orthodox and hard-right parties.

The reforms that have already received first-reading endorsement from Knesset (the Israeli regime's parliament), seek to enfeeble the regime's Supreme Court by robbing it of the power to strike down either the cabinet or the legislature's decisions.

Another element of the reforms would give the 120-member parliament the power to overrule the court's decisions with a simple majority of 61 votes.

The reforms would also empower the Knesset to amend the so-called Basic Laws -- the regime's quasi-constitution -- in any way it sees fit.

Observers say the reforms can potentially enable the Knesset to annul a set of corruption charges that Netanyahu is being tried on. The prime minister is being sued for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.

On Thursday, the regime's President Issac Herzog called on the coalition to halt the legislation.

The cabinet is, however, preparing to press on with its legislative agenda next week, shunning calls for a pause to allow for negotiations on the divisive plan.

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