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Harvard muffles Israel criticisms, operates under 'significant' influence of Zionist funding: Academic

A view of Harvard Yard on the Harvard University campus. (Via the Harvard Crimson)

Harvard University is running under Israel’s sway, an academic has said with regard to the "considerable" Zionist connections of key donors and high ranking figures within the university.

British professor David Miller, sacked by Bristol University over his Pro-Palestine stance and criticism of Israel, said that the long list of Zionist founders of Harvard reveals the apartheid regime’s financial leverage in the university.

“A really rather large number of very significant Zionist founders… is already enough to show a very significant influence of Zionist money in the university in general and in social and political sciences,” Miller told Press TV.

He added that any research which criticizes the Israeli regime would be “censored” and “stopped” at Harvard.

“If someone at Harvard happens to produce some decent research, I’m sure the decent that research can be published, unless, it is in any way critical of Zionism or the Zionist entity, … people are not necessarily totally censored- which of course does happen- but if they did come up with any decent piece of work, which is critical of Israel, it will be stopped,” Miller said.

He further said that the donations given to the most prestigious university in the US by a nexus of Zionists are attempts to give them a positive public image.

“The money is spread around all over the place as a means to launder the image of these people who are engaged effectively in terrorism,” he added.

In early January, it was reported that the former head of Human Rights Watch (HRW), Kenneth Roth, was initially denied a fellowship at Harvard’s Kennedy School over criticisms of Israel.

Later that month, following widespread condemnation, the Kennedy School reversed its decision, with the School Dean Douglas Elmendor saying the decision had been a mistake and that Roth would be accepted after all.

While HRW has rendered significant services to the US imperialism, regularly providing damning reports on the official enemies of empire, often based on questionable sources, its condemnation of the Zionist entity as practicing apartheid in the illegally occupied West Bank and Gaza has come with a price.

Ken Roth is far from the first person to be excluded from Harvard on this basis; in fact, US academic Cornel West claims that he was refused tenure at Harvard in 2021 due to the heavily pro-Israel donors at the prestigious university.

It is also reported that the biologist Robert Trivers was disinvited from giving a lecture at Harvard in 2007 following an intervention from a major donor to the university. This donor was none other than convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who is reported by close confidants to have gathered kompromat for Israeli intelligence.

Epstein, along with Israel lobbyist Alan Dershowitz, opposed Trivers' visit due to his previous criticism of Israel.

Clearly, there is a high level of influence from Zionist lobbyists in key positions of Harvard University.

Thomas S. Kaplan, the well known entrepreneur and a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and the International Council at Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, is one of the key pro-Zionist figures at the university.

He has been instrumental in the foundation named after his late mother, the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation, which has funded the settler organization the Temple Institute. The institute is working to demolish the al-Aqsa Mosque and replace it with the Jewish temple.

The next figure at the Harvard Kennedy School with significant links to Israel is Idan Ofer who sits on the Dean's executive board alongside his wife. Idan Ofer’s shipping companies are reported as being used by Israeli intelligence to transport agents through the Middle East in key assassinations.

Another key founder is Robert Belfer, who sits on the board of governors at Israeli lobby group, the American Jewish Committee. He also works closely with Israeli lobby group the Anti Defamation League. And the list goes on.

“People who are funding pro-Israel stuff in the US or the UK or other Western European countries are also engaged directly in funding illegal settlement activity which is directly implicated in ethnic cleansing of Palestinians,” Miller said.

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