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Pro-Israeli Tech Company Oracle puts UK national security at stake: Academic

An exterior view of the Oracle Field Office in Virginia, US, October 18, 2019. (Photo by Reuters)

The British Ministry of Defense and Home Office are compromised as their data is handled directly by American, pro-Israeli multinational computer technology,  Oracle Corporation, putting UK national security at stake, an academic has said.

David Miller, the pro-Palestinian British Sociologist, who was sacked over Israel comments from Bristol University, said that Israel has always been trying to penetrate British society, discussing the modus operandi of Oracle, the world's largest database company During Press TV’s weekly show Palestine Declassified.

In 1977, Oracle was founded by Larry Ellison. Today, Oracle is the world's second-biggest IT software company, and Ellison is the seventh-richest person in the world. He is still the top shareholder in Oracle and works as the Chief Technology Officer, as well as sitting as the executive chairman of the company, despite passing the role of CEO to Israeli Safra Catz. 

Less well known is the closeness of Ellison and, in fact, the whole company to Israel. In 2007, Ellison gave half a million dollars directly to the illegal Israeli settlement of Sderot. 

Over a period of a decade, he donated over $26 million to the Israeli military through the funding vehicle, the Friends of the Israeli Occupation Forces. 

The extent of the company's relationship with Israel is even more clearly seen in the report that Ellison even offered the current Israeli prime minister, the fascist Benjamin Netanyahu, the position of director at Oracle. 

“[Before] I had no idea that there were these kinds of conflicts of interest right at the top of British society,” Miller said citing the company’s CEO explicitly saying it is pro-Israel and those disagreeing with its commitment to the Zionist regime are not welcomed in Oracle.

In July 2021, Oracle current CEO Safra Catz said upon her visit to Tel Aviv that voiced the Corporation’s deep commitment to Israel.

“… We are not flexible regarding our mission, and our commitment to Israel is second to none. … [If our employees] don't agree with our mission to support the Israel then maybe we aren't the right company for them. Larry (Ellison, co-founder of Oracle) and I are publicly committed to Israel and devote personal time to the country and no one should be surprised by that,” Cats said.

Miller also slammed the British intelligence agency MI6 as “incompetent” wondering where the spy agency’s loyalties lie.

“What on earth MI6 is doing? Are they incompetent? Or have they actually used an agent to fall through this process and are involved in it in some way? It really does beg a belief that an organization like MI6, which is supposed to defend British national interests can be either blindsided by this or collaborating in something which clearly is a problematic thing for British national interests” Miller said.

“And we still have Israel trying to penetrate British society. This is one example we'd be looking at the Ministry of Defense. There are many, many others, and it's the right time for the British security establishment to wake up and smell the coffee. This is something which they need to focus on,” he concluded.

In an earlier edition of weekly show Palestine Declassified aired in mid-December, Miller explained that the integration of the UK-Israeli tech industry is a means for the Zionist “operatives” to infiltrate into the “very fabric” of the British governance, clarifying the UK-Israel Tech Hub’s true mission.

He also voiced concerns over Israeli tech hubs' infiltration into the British National Health Service (NHS) and getting access to citizens’ data.

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