Ellison and penetration of Ministry

The British Ministry of Defense and Home Office are compromised. The data gathered by these institutions is handled directly by a company that explicitly defines itself as pro-Israel.  

This is the story of how a Zionist billionaire who funds the Israeli military, along with his IT company, is able to access the most sensitive data regarding British security.  

The Oracle company was founded by Larry Ellison in 1977. The firm adopted the name of a CIA operation, and the first service it provided was helping the intelligence agency build a database. Oracle later hired David Carney to head its information assurance centre. Carney had previously been the third-highest-ranked employee at the CIA, where he worked for 32 years.  

Today, Oracle is the world's second-biggest IT software company, and Larry Ellison is the seventh-richest person in the world. He is still the top shareholder in Oracle and works as the Chief Technology Officer, as well as sitting as the executive chairman of the company, despite passing the role of CEO to Israeli Safra Catz.  

To shut down a protest against the NATO Summit in 2012, the US Police used Oracle software called Endeca Information Discovery. The mechanism was able to merge criminal records with protesters’ tweets, thus providing a more effective database of targets for surveillance.  

Larry Ellison was also instrumental in Elon Musk's bid to takeover Twitter, providing the longtime collaborator with the Security State with $1 billion to pursue his takeover.  

Less well known is the closeness of Ellison and, in fact, the whole company to Israel.  

In 2007, Ellison gave half a million dollars directly to the Israeli settlement of Sderot.  

Over a period of a decade, he donated over $26 million to the Israeli military through the funding vehicle, the Friends of the Israeli Occupation Forces.  

The current CEO of Oracle has explicitly stated the company's pro-Israel bias. Safra Catz exclaimed, "We are not flexible regarding our mission, and our commitment to Israel is second to none. If our employees don't agree with our mission to support the State of Israel, then maybe we aren't the right company for them. Larry and I are publicly committed to Israel."  

The extent of the company's relationship with Israel is even more clearly seen in the report that Ellison even offered the current Israeli Prime Minister, the fascist Benjamin Netanyahu, the position of director at Oracle.  
How can the data of the British Ministry of Defense and the Home Office be considered safe in these hands?

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