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Die Linke, “Toilet gate” and Palestine

US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (L) talks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a rally with fellow Democrats before voting on H.R. 1, or the People Act, on the East Steps of the US Capitol on March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (AFP photo)
German Flag

The relationship between Germany's political establishment and the Zionist regime bears thorough examination, This relationship extends to Die Linke that was founded in 2007 as a left wing alternative to Germany's SPD.

But Die Linke's leadership has been very hostile to the concept of justice for the Palestinian people.

Rather than being the radical left wing alternative it claimed to be when it was established, the current iteration of Die Linke seems more concerned with maintaining the political status quo in Germany.

How Germany responded to the existence of the Zionist entity

Germany is hostile territory for Palestine. It is the only place in the world outside Palestine where it is effectively illegal to wave a Palestinian flag.

Earlier this year the Berlin police banned all pro Palestine demonstrations, including the Nakba commemoration and the protests at the Israeli murder of Shireen Abu Akleh.

But why is Germany so backwards in its attitude to Palestine?

The traditional response given is that the Germans are still trying to atone for the Nazi genocide of the Jews.

But on the same day that riot police swooped in and detained or stopped at least 170 people during the afternoon and evening of Nakba day, by contrast, neo Nazi admirers of Hitler's regime were free to meet and fly the German imperial flag. They were left unmolested.

So something more fundamental is going on.

Over the years, Zionist leaders have met with their German counterparts starting with the first chancellor of West Germany after the 1939 - 1945 War, Konrad Adenauer, and carrying on ever since.

Every German government and every German chancellor prior to me were committed to Germany’s special historic responsibility for Israel’s security.

Angela Merkel, Former German Chancellor

In 2008 Merkel addressed the Knesset saying that Germany had a special responsibility to the security of Israel.

In 2019, the German parliament voted to condemn BDS as antisemitic underlying this capture of German foreign and domestic policy by the Zionists is the influence of the US and the failure of de-Nazification after the war. NATO was a means to contain both the Soviet Union and Germany in US interests.

Declassified files show that the State Department intelligence saw NATO as a place to help West Germany satisfy its reasonable aspirations, and contain any potential unreasonable ones. In addition, the CIA actually set up the intelligence service of West Germany, the Bundesnachrichtendienst, known as the BND.

The CIA knew that the head of the agency, General Reinhard Gehlen, was a former Nazi and approved his appointment, even though he employed numerous former Nazis and known war criminals. He was, of course, a CIA operative.

Gehlen made contact with Mossad in 1957. And in 1967, an ex Nazi officer in Gehlen's group passed on information to Mossad on Syria and Egypt, enabling Israel to destroy a large part of the Egyptian and Syrian air forces with a preemptive strike. Gehlen also maintained a network of compliant journalists, as a trove of recently leaked files shows. A network of compliant scribblers and informants were set up in the editorial offices of Germany, and deployed time and time again to directly influence politicians and policies.

Put in the context of the significant number of paid CIA assets in the German media, as revealed by the writer, Udo Ulfkotte, it is no surprise that the German political system, intelligence, and media, are united in their support for Israel's crimes.

What more can you tell us about this character Gehlen, the Nazi intelligence chief who ended up running the West German intelligence service?

It is a fascinating tale, so, he's head of Nazi counterintelligence, one of the key areas, and he's then recruited by the CIA immediately at the end of the war, and the CIA make sure that he is then placed, his intelligence network is then placed into West Germany. He becomes the head of West German foreign intelligence. He remains there and he dies peacefully in his bed in 1979. And he remains there for some considerable time.

The only reason he has to leave the intelligence organization is because his deputy is discovered to be a Soviet spy. So we have an organization which is run in postwar West Germany, run by a Nazis. He disavowed Nazism, but he goes straight from being a Nazi intelligence officer through to being a CIA asset and into German intelligence. Does this mean that the German intelligence organization for the post war period was effectively run by the CIA boy; it looks a little bit like that.

David Miller, Academic

Gehlen was also recruited by the CIA, wasn't he? What do you think the significance of this is for understanding German politics?

I think it's very significant actually. Because yes, he was recruited by the CIA, he was also paid by the CIA to do his work. And although he was not the head of the SS intelligence, and it was military intelligence that he was in charge of, privately he maintained his antisemitic views. So he conducted (the) organization in light of those views as well. He also did hire former SS officers into positions within the German intelligence service.

And just to be clear, it's not like, this wasn't really a new organization. What really happened is that the CIA employed Gehlen's existing organization, which was in place under the Nazis, to run the postwar German intelligence service, which was then called the Gehlen Organization that became the BND.

And effectively they're the same thing. And we've seen the consequences of this. In more recent years, there was still very close cooperation between the BNP and the Americans. For example, in 2014, it was revealed that the NSA had been working with the BND to wiretap and listen in to German politicians.

So the question is, whether or not the BND is working primarily for the German state or in fact the US State and I don't think that has been properly addressed yet. I don't know how much right wing, far right politics still plays in the organization and has historically played in the organization.

Why do think Germany is so prime Zionist, do you think it is just simply guilt or could there be some other reason?

There's a sense in which the guilt is part of it, and it's the way in which the guilt becomes part of the political culture, which is important, but also, of course, the relationship with Americans and the very early on relationship between Gehlen and the Mossad. So he contacted the Mossad in the 50s. And they have a really quite close relationship from that point on.

And that's part of the tale as well, so that in 1967, you have the intelligence about the Egyptian and the Syrian air force being passed through an ex Nazi officer in Gehlen's organization, to the Mossad, which allows the Israeli Israeli Task Force to eliminate, effectively, the whole of the Egyptian and the Syrian air force, thus allowing them much more easily to occupy the territories which they currently still occupy.

David Miller, Academic

Phil, would you say it's a stretch to suggest that the BND was effectively an asset of the CIA? If so, do you think it's still an asset of the CIA?

I think it was definitely an asset of the CIA originally, the Gehlen organization certainly was. The BND of course grew out of that and I think we shouldn't be drawing too much of a distinction between the two because Gehlen also served as the head of the BND after it was renamed. So we're looking at what is effectively the same organization. And as I mentioned before, there's been very close cooperation with the Americans over the years and into recent years.

Whether or not it's currently an asset of the CIA, I don't know exactly, but like I said, there is evidence of the BND working against German politicians with authorities within the United States. So it's definitely a possibility, and it's something that we should be looking at very carefully. And I think this becomes increasingly relevant and important in light of the events over the war on Ukraine.

For example, North Stream 2 being blown up and the German government had effectively shrugged its shoulders. And we believe, it's been reported, that actually those responsible for the destruction of Nord Stream 2 might be the Americans or the British. And so in which case, we've got allies working against the interests of the German people and possibly with the support of the German state, which is a bizarre situation to be in. And so we really do need to take this very seriously and look at it closer.

Phil Bevin, Researcher

Talking of bizarre situations, Gehlen collaborated with the Mossad way back in the 1950s, didn't he?

It's a bizarre situation, isn't it? I mean, you have the this sort of vision of the BND, the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Germans, working against the interests of the of the German state, of the German people, and indeed, as Phil has been saying, you know, systematically through this period, spying not just on the left, like they do in this country, but also on the right.

Very, very many of the German leaders were spied upon by the German intelligence and, indeed, the CIA seem to have been involved in some of this, in terms of the channeling of money from the CIA, into German foundations and to German journalists, to pay for them to pump out propaganda which reflected US interests.

Now, of course, the whole relationship with Zionism is pretty extraordinary. So we have this collaboration with Mossad and we have what appears to be an ongoing collaboration with Mossad so that it's literally unthinkable for the foreign policy establishment of Germany to take any position which is in any way against the interests of the state of Israel.

David Miller, Academic

The Left Party in Germany, captured by the Zionists

The German left party, known in German as Die Linke, has an appalling record on Palestine. In 2011 it was condemned by the BDS National Committee for patently false, intellectually and morally, dishonest claims that equated calls for the boycott of Israeli goods with antisemitism. In 2019, when the German parliament overwhelmingly voted to condemn BDS as antisemitic some Die Linke members voted for it, while others puts a contending motion, also opposing BDS.

In a 2021 interview Dietmar Bartsch, co chair of the left parliamentary group in the Bundestag since 2015, revealed how a trip to Israel had changed a lot for him. His capture by Zionism was prompted by visiting Israeli cities that have been hit with rockets. He rejects BDS out of "historical responsibility". One of the most farcical elements of the collapse of the notionally pro Palestine Die Linke came in “Toiletgate” in 2014 when journalist Max Blumenthal and David Sheen were booked by Die Linke to give a talk and then banned by a Die Linke leader, Gregor Gysi.

Video footage showed Gysi retreating to the toilet and locking himself in to evade questions, especially on smears of the journalist as antisemitic.

Later on the cover footage reveals that toilet-gate was set up by a key Zionist activist who says he serves as the eyes and ears in Europe of the Washington DC based Foundation for Defense of Democracies, FDD, an uberzionist think tank with direct Zionist regime links.

Why is Die Linke particularly bad on BDS and Palestinian rights? Partly it is the overwhelming subservience of German politics, both to the US and to Zionism and Israel.

The extent to which Die Linke is designed to control the left rather than give expression to its demands, was highlighted in a US State Department cable released by Wikileaks, in which the party's parliamentary leader, Gregor Gysi, told US ambassador Philip Murphy that the left party's official policy on NATO, that it should be abolished and replaced by a new security alliance including Russia, was only a ruse to avoid the more dangerous path of pulling Germany out of NATO.

Die Linke today is in crisis and even its own leaders have remarked on its inconsistent and contradictory approaches to many major issues, including the NATO proxy war in Ukraine, Die Linke is, at best, controlled opposition and is a clear obstacle to developing support for the Liberation of Palestine in Germany.

David this so called "toilet gate" affair seems a very strange event, doesn't it?

Yeah, I mean, Max Blumenthal, an American and David Sheen who lives in the Zionist entity quite a lot of the time. They were invited to give this talk and the pressure was put on them, on Die Linke, and they were canceled and Gysi runs along and locks himself in the toilet.

If you watch the full length of that video on YouTube, which is available if you have a look for it, he actually does it twice. He runs away and locks himself in the toilet twice.

David Sheen's comments, I think, aren't the most appropriate but he says, “I live in Israel. I've got to go back there, and am now being accused of being antisemitic, which actually puts me in danger”.

And of course, if it's him in danger and Zionist Jew is in danger, certainly, but you know this is how Palestinians are kept in danger every single day.

David Miller, Academic

Could you tell us about the think tank associated with Die Linke?

Well associated with Die Linke is the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. And to understand the role of the organization just it's important to recognize that it's not unusual, in terms of German government funded foundations next to political parties that there's quite a few of these, so yes, the Rosa Luxemburg foundation is the political foundation affiliated to Die Linke; It's one of several similar foundations in Germany.

But the interesting thing that got me intrigued with the Rosa Luxemburg foundation is its role in funding British left wing media, for example, Novara media has received funding from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. And I know from the research that I've done, that the money that comes from the Rosa Luxemburg foundation for these kinds of projects, actually comes from the German foreign office and the German foreign development office.

So Novara media is effectively being funded by the German foreign office via the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. And I think that's very interesting. I think it's also a bit concerning that we have, supposedly, or what we'd like to believe is an independent left wing media in this country actually receiving funds from the German state, which as you just outlined, is really terrible on issues like Palestinian rights, and actually Novara Media's coverage of, for example, the antisemitism crisis, so called antisemitism crisis within the Labour Party, really was not very good and in many respects, legitimized quite a lot of the "logic and principles" of the new definition of antisemitism in the articles that it published.

Phil Bevin, Researcher

So you're saying that the role of the Rosa Luxemburg foundation in funding platforms like Novara media has become problematic.

That's my opinion. I believe that because reading through the annual reports, it's available online, this is public documentation, there's nothing secretive about this. The German foreign office, obviously, set the current boundaries through which these funds, these grants, are managed. And so there is government oversight over what they're used for. And with all kinds of funding, you have to think that there's probably some form of restrictions attached with regards to what can be funded, what kind of organizations can be funded.

And therefore, we are looking at the involvement of a foreign state in supporting particular points of views in this country, whether that's explicitly or implicitly through the funding relationship they have with them.

Also of note I think on this and of concern, real concern, is that the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, and indeed Navarro media have both been platforms for journalist information was revealed to have collaborated with British intelligence by the Grey Zone, who was featured in that .

Phil Bevin, Researcher

I wonder whether you can tell us a bit more about the foundation for defense of democracies and is there a link to the Ministry of strategic affairs?

So this whole thing the toilet gate was set up by this guy, Benjamin find out who you know, who rang up the press and got some articles in the papers and then rang up the Israel lobby groups and got them activated and he is the, the eyes and ears, as he puts it, of the foundation for defense of democracies, which is a Washington DC based think tank, which of course is very close and well known to be close to the kind of Likud line on matters of foreign policy.

But it's not only that, it's not only close to Likud, it's actually directly involved with the Israeli state. In the US, the Director General of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs is filmed in undercover footage saying "yes, of course, if we want to do that we have we have the FTD".

The FTD is effectively, in that footage, seen as being simply an instrument of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs as part of the anti BDS campaign. So yeah, this is, again an instance where we see issues raised in Germany, or the UK, or the US, by Israel lobby groups, which tend to have a direct connection to parts of the Israeli state.

David Miller, Academic

What does this WikiLeaks cable from the 2010s tell us about the uneasy coalition that created Die Linke?

Die Linke is a coalition which was intended to bring together the left from the former West Germany and from the east. And so you had an organization which came out, essentially, of the Communist Party from the East, brought together with some people who are on the left, and the Social Democrats in the West and the left the sort of Democrats and there's three parts essentially to the dueling Coalition is attempt to bring them together for a while.

It was quite successful electorally, but of course the problem was, it's been that it's been a compass, this compromise the many issues of principle, and it looks from that cable, which is a cable from 12 years ago. Looks like cable that many of these, the issues in which they've compromised were compromised, because they were always compromised. ... he talks about the NATO position they have as a fraud, as essentially an apparent left wing policy, which they didn't really mean but they did it in order to avoid the possibility of a proper left wing policy. And so it looks like, from the very beginning really, that Die Linke was a kind of control-left experiment, ... which was to try and bring in parts of the ex communists from the east and to avoid any, any genuine threat either to the German state or to NATO, or given what we've been talking about, to the CIA.

David Miller, Academic


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