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Analyst: Republicans are going to win the House, and probably impeach Biden

The sun rises over the US Capitol, as control of Congress remained unclear following the 2022 US midterm elections in Washington, US, November 9, 2022. (Reuters photo)

Republicans are edging closer to securing a majority in the US House of Representatives while control of the Senate is hinging on a few tight races which may not be decided until December.

Republicans have captured at least 210 House seats, Edison Research projected, eight short of the 218 needed to wrest the House away from Democrats and effectively halt President Joe Biden's legislative agenda, Reuters reported.

While Republicans remain favored, there were 33 House contests yet to be decided - including 21 of the 53 most competitive races, based on a Reuters analysis of the leading nonpartisan forecasters - likely ensuring the final outcome will not be determined for some time.

Thirty-five Senate seats and all 435 House of Representatives seats were on the ballot.

The fate of the Senate is far less certain. Either party could seize control by winning too-close-to-call races in Nevada and Arizona, where officials are tallying thousands of uncounted ballots.

“It appears Republicans are going to win the House. The Senate will not be decided until the Georgia election in December, most likely. The Republicans may control it, or they may have a split house,” said New York-based journalist Don Debar.

Asked whether Republicans could impeach Biden if they get controlled of the House, Debar said, “He'll be impeached by the House probably but he won't be removed because it requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate.”

The mainstream US media outlets are saying that Republicans did not perform well in the election, and Democrats staved off an anticipated "red wave" of Republican gains in midterm elections. 

Republicans didn't achieve the midterm election wave they expected, Bloomberg reported.

Debar said the media is doing “damage control.”

“It's pretty clear that the Democrats lost control of the House. And the control of the Senate is up in the air. You can call that a win for Republicans if you'd like, saying that we should have gotten beaten even worse. Because it is hard to argue with that, they should have,” he told Press TV on Thursday.

“But what it does is it shows number one that the press was entirely favored to the Democrats and number two that the changes in the process that have been made over the past couple of years allowing remote voting clearly favor Democrats,” he added.

The midterm elections came as Americans are grappling with sky-high inflation and living costs, with 43 percent of people saying their family’s financial situation is worse than two years ago.

An ABC News-Washington Post survey, released on Sunday, finds that share has doubled since Biden took office on January 20, 2021, replacing Trump.

Biden had said he believed Democrats would hold on to the Senate but it would be "tough" to retain the House and his life may become "more difficult."

A Republican-controlled House would be able to block bills addressing Democratic priorities. Republicans could also initiate a showdown over the nation's debt ceiling, and could launch potentially politically damaging investigations into Biden's administration and family.

Meanwhile, a Republican Senate would hold sway over Biden's judicial nominations, including any Supreme Court vacancy.

Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell has already hinted he might refuse to fill an open seat on the top court until after the 2024 presidential election if he returns to the majority leader's position.

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