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Palestinian killed

Israeli forces have fatally shot a Palestinian man in the occupied city of Ramallah in the West bank.

Korean peninsula tensions 

The situation on the Korean Peninsula appears to be growing more unstable. For the first time in decades, North and South Korea have fired missiles landing in waters off each other's coasts.The South has launched three air-to-ground missiles and closed some of its air routes off the east coast. Hours earlier, Pyongyang fired various types of missiles, one of which landed close to South Korean waters. According to Seoul, North Korea has launched a total of 17 missiles today. It also says that Pyongyang has fired more than 100 artillery rounds into the maritime buffer zone. Separately, one of the missiles fired by Pyongyang landed outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone. Both countries have reacted to the missile launches by the North. 

Ukraine grain exports row 

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky says the grain shipping corridor to get food out of the country needs reliable long-term protection. Zelensky also said Russia must realize it will receive a harsh global response to any measures disrupting food exports. That came after Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Ukraine to guarantee the safety of Black Sea traffic. Moscow has suspended participation in a UN-brokered grain shipment deal. It cited a Ukrainian drone attack on Russian ships in Crimea. Kiev has dismissed the allegation as a false pretext. Russia has called on the UN to obtain the required guarantees from Ukraine.

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