King Charles III and Zionism

Following the death of Elizabeth II, a new hereditary monarch has assumed power in Britain. Charles has received the full trust of the British establishment, with numerous prominent assets mobilised to beautify his image in the eyes of his subjects.

The sinister figure has, however, served as an arms lobbyist for decades, smoothing arms sales for BAe Systems in the Middle East. He has also been found to accept cash gifts in plastic bags from Arab monarchs, purportedly in exchange for state honours.

He is also believed by many to have had a role in the killing of his former wife, Diana, and her Muslim fiance, Dodi al-Fayed. Both the father of Dodi and Diana herself pointed the finger in his direction. Diana sent a letter to her lawyer only six months before she died, predicting the exact way she would be killed and claiming Charles was behind the plan.

Clearly, Charles is of questionable character, but what has not been examined is his relationship with the Israel lobby. The monarch has been a key patron of the World Jewish Relief organisation for many years. The organisation shares funders with Zionist settlements and is funded by key Israel lobbyist and convicted fraudster Gerald Ronson.

Charles described Israel lobbyist Jonathan Sacks as a "trusted guide, an inspired teacher, and a true and steadfast friend." But who was Jonathan Sacks? The former chief Rabbi of Britain was the President of the United Jewish Israel Appeal, which is one of the three national institutions of the Zionist entity. Sacks was also on the board of an anti-BDS Israel lobby group targeting schoolchildren, called One Voice. Jonathan Sacks also described anti-zionism as the new antisemitism, a key theme of the Israel lobby in Britain. He described the Israeli military as instilling "a sense of genuine altruism."

The rabbi also heaped praise on the controversial Birthright Israel programme, claiming it was "perhaps the greatest single innovation in Jewish life in the past quarter century." His death was mourned by Israeli prime minister Yair Lapid, claiming that he "misses conversations with him" and that his presence in the world made him a "better person."

Israeli President Isaac Herzog described Sacks as a "giant of a man." The Israel lobby in the UK seems to have been quietly mobilised around a campaign to improve Charles' image in the Muslim community. A senior fellow at the NATO think tank, the Atlantic Council, Ben Judah has been a key proponent of the idea that Charles harbours some deep affection for the Muslim faith. He presumptuously writes in the Washington Post that "Britain’s new head of state is a loud admirer of Islam, a critic of Western interventionism and a champion of multiculturalism."

It is important to note that Ben Judah came of age writing for a key Israel lobby paper, the Jewish Chronicle, in which he proudly describes Jacob Farj Rafael (a peer of Judah's grandfather and adviser to Narendra Modi), as a hero and "one-man AIPAC in Calcutta."

During the campaign against Corbyn, Judah also revealed himself as a fervent supporter of key Israel lobby groups, writing, "Only this year have I begun to feel truly proud of British Jews. We are proud of the dogged exposure done by Jewish activists like the Campaign Against Antisemitism.

We are proud of The Jewish Chronicle for revealing a flourishing culture of conspiracy theories inside the Labour Party. Because who else is going to do it for you? It is clear a mobilisation to astroturf support for Charles is taking place in the Muslim community. Who exactly is behind it? Time will tell.

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