Violence Unleashed

Brutally beaten, punched, kicked, choked and shot. That is the every day life of many Americans, most of them African Americans in the hands of the United States violent police.

Many die each year by police violence and gunfire. There has been many protests throughout the country and the world condemning police brutality, especially against black Americans, but that has not stopped the violence, it has not even reduced it.

Last year police officers killed more than 1100 people, which marked one of the deadliest years on record. This year they are killing at a rate of 3 people a day. Looks like the American police are competing with themselves to become more savage and brutal murderers.

In this episode we will talk about police brutality. Brutality has become synonymous with police action in the United States. Why is the police in America so brutal and violent? Is anything being done to curb police brutality? Has the police changed in any way since the murder of George Floyd? Why do the police single out minorities and especially African Americans when it comes to using violence?

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