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A Byzantine era mosaic unearthed in Gaza

Ashraf Shannon
Press TV, Gaza

A 1500-year-old archaeological site dating back to the Byzantine era has been found in central Gaza. The site contains mosaic floors depicting various animal and bird designs as well as day-to-day life in the Byzantine era.

A total of seventeen images grace the colorful mosaic floors. Excavations have also revealed evidence of structures, from the remains of old walls. Experts say the artifacts are one of most important discoveries in the blockaded territory.

The credit for the historic discovery goes to Palestinian farmer Salman Al-Nabahin. Salman was working on his farm when he stumbled upon the archaeological treasure. Upon the discovery of the mosaics, he notified local authorities.

The Gaza Strip is rich with antiquities from different civilizations. Most of its artifacts were stolen during the Israeli occupation of the territory. Nonetheless archaeological sites are still being found by both archaeologists and individuals.

Many here only hope that this important archaeological discovery would draw attention to this isolated part of the world.

The beautiful mosaics found in this site unveil the rich history of the area that used to be a major trade route between Asia and Africa in ancient times.

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