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Battle for Pisky 

Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region remains focus of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, with the two sides now battling for a strategic town of Pisky. Heavy fighting is raging around the town amid conflicting claims. Pro-Russian groups in Donetsk say Pisky is now under control of Russian troops and separatist forces. They say, however, that there are some pockets of resistance in the town. Ukrainian officials have denied the claim, saying their forces are continuing to fight back. The Donbas region comprised of Luhansk and Donetsk provinces. Luhansk is now almost completely under Russian control but Donetsk is still holding out. The region has been a scene of bloody conflict between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian groups since 2014. Capturing Donbas was the main objective of Moscow since it launched a military offensive in Ukraine in February.

North Korea covid threat

Tensions between North and South Korea flare up again, this time over the Covid pandemic. The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un warns of retaliation over what she called Seoul’s attempt to send the coronavirus to her country. Yo Jong blamed the outbreak on balloons flown by South Korean activists near the borders, saying they contained leaflets contaminated with virus. She said Pyongyang would respond strongly in case balloons continued to fly. She said it is worrisome Seoul is sending leaflets, money, sloppy brochures and other items across the border. South Korea has rejected the accusation, calling Pyongyang’s claims groundless. Yo Jong’s warning followed the announcement by the North Korean leader that his country has successfully curbed the outbreak. This is while, North Korean officials have never confirmed how many people contracted the virus. 

Taiwan-China standoff 

Taiwan rejects one country, two systems model recently proposed by Beijing in a white paper amid rising tensions with the self-ruled island.Taiwan’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, while reacting to the proposal, said Taiwanese people would decide the future of the island themselves. Joanne Ou accused Beijing of using the US House Speaker’s visit to Taipei as a pretext to 'intimidate' Taiwan’s people. The two sides are on the collision course since Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit, with each holding military drills in a show of strength. Meanwhile, Taiwan concluded its two-day maneuvers in its southern region. China also announced wrapping up it’s largest-ever war games around the island. China kicked off the drills after Pelosi landed in Taipei last week despite warnings. On Wednesday, China issued yet another warning to the US, saying it will fight back every provocation by Washington that undermines its sovereignty.

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