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Muslims mark Ashura in Pakistan

Muhammad Toori
Press TV, Karachi

Prayers and rhythmic chest beating are part of mourning ceremonies in Pakistan’s city of Karachi to mark Ashura, which commemorates the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein.

These black-clad mourners are here to pay tribute to Prophet Muhammad's grandson who sacrificed his life along with his 72 companions in the epic but unequal battle of Karbala.

Imam Hussein’s tragic story still attracts the attention of millions across the world. Here in Karachi, lovers of Imam Hussein converged at the city centre to commemorate their Imam, who was martyred some 14 centuries ago in the plains of Karbala by Yazid.

These mourners walked miles on foot to commemorate the great tragedy of Karbala and to protest against tyrants of the time.

Mourning rituals climax on Ashura, the tenth day of Muharram, first month of Islamic lunar calendar. This tragic day was sparked when the third Shia Imam refused to pledge allegiance to Yazid, the tyrant of his time.

Pakistanis traditionally cook and distribute food and beverages called Nazar-e-Imam Hussain among people in and out of mourning ceremonies.

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