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Kashmir marks martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain

Shahana Butt
Press TV, Indian-controlled Kashmir

Streets in parts of Muslim majority Kashmir flooded with mourners clad in black--waving flags and banners with messages from the battlefield of Karbala written over them.

Young and old, men and women participated in the mourning ceremonies on the day of Ashura.
Ashura marks the day when Imam Hussain and his companions were martyred by forces of tyrant Yazid in Karbala.

To carry forward Imam Husain's legacy, centuries after the battle of Karbala, Imam Hussain's martyrdom is commemorated across the globe.

Reciting elegies, chanting pro-Islamic slogans, and the resonating sound of chest-beating--every eye is moist in memory of the battle for humanity.

Each year during the holy month of Muharram religious organizations and groups organize seminars, processions, and lectures.

Here in Kashmir, authorities have demarcated the routes for Muharram processions mostly in the Shia-dominated areas.

Following a three-decade-old ban imposed on Muharram processions through traditional routes, authorities in sensitive Kashmir believe these emotional mourning processions may turn into a law and order problem, thus arrangements are made in confined areas.

For Muslims, the event of Karbala marked a new beginning of resilience. The processions held year after year reinforce integrity towards the mission of truth, peace and justice initiated nearly 1400 years ago by imam Hussain on the battlefield of Karbala.

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