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Resistaning US pressures

The leader of Iran's Islamic revolution says experience shows that resistance is the only path to victory against America's hostile plots. In a meeting with the Venezuelan President, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Iran and Venezuela have managed to defeat the US hybrid warfare. The leader said the US imposed the most severe sanctions on Iran under the so-called maximum pressure campaign, but Tehran managed to defuse the US plot through resistance.

US gasoline price surge

Soaring inflation in the United States pushes fuel prices to record highs. The national average price for gasoline has risen above five dollars a gallon for the first time ever. That’s an extension of a surge in fuel costs that are a central feature of rising inflation overall. A new report by the US labor department says the consumer price index hit a four-decade record in May, surging by eight-point-six percent. President Joe Biden has pulled on numerous levers to try to lower prices ahead of midterm congress election, but to no avail. Fuel prices continue to surge worldwide due to a combination of rebounding demand in post-pandemic era and sanctions on oil producer Russia over the Ukraine conflict, among other reasons.

India blasphemy

Protests in India take a violent turn. Police have fatally shot two demonstrators during street rallies sparked by blasphemous remarks about the prophet of Islam by ruling party members. Police in the eastern city of Ranchi say they were forced to open fire on Muslim protesters to disperse the crowds. Officers also used tear gas and batons on demonstrators. Authorities later cut internet connections and imposed a curfew. Muslim Indians also staged protests in several areas in northern Uttar Pradesh. Police in the northern state say over 130 protesters were arrested on Saturday. Muslims in India and neighboring countries held sizable rallies on Friday as well. They have been demonstrating since last week when two of Prime Minister Modi’s party spokespersons made sacrilegious remarks about prophet Mohammad.

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