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IAEA anti-Iran resolution

Iran is asking the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency to vote down an anti-Tehran resolution submitted by the US and its three European allies, Britain, Germany and France. The draft resolution will be put to vote at this week's meeting of the 35-member policy-making body of the IAEA. The draft reportedly calls on Iran to fully cooperate with the agency to clarify and resolve outstanding safeguard issues. It also accuses Iran of having undeclared nuclear materials at some of its sites. As the board of governors convened Monday, IAEA chief Rafael Grossi also said in a press briefing that Iran’s cooperation with the agency has been insufficient and inadequate. Iranian officials immediately rejected the claims, saying the country has fully cooperated with the UN nuclear watchdog.

NATO-Russia tensions

NATO says it won’t offer Russia any guarantees that it wouldn’t store nuclear weapons on the territories of its two potential new members, Finland and Sweden. In an interview, the military alliance’s Deputy Secretary-General Camille Grand said it’s up to the individual countries whether they want to host nuclear weapons, noting that NATO won’t set up some principle restrictions on the matter. Finland and Sweden have applied for membership in the US-led military bloc. The Nordic states say they made the decision after Russia attacked Ukraine. Their bids have so far been challenged by Turkey, which accuses them of supporting terrorist groups.

High inflation in US

The US Treasury Secretary says her country is facing an unacceptable level of inflation. Janet Yellen said the inflation rate is likely to remain high for a while. She, however, expressed hope the price hikes would slow down soon. Yellen was speaking at a Senate Finance Committee hearing, where she dismissed claims by the Republicans that President Joe Biden’s one-point-nine trillion-dollar COVID-19 spending package was to blame for the rampant inflation. The US Consumer Price Index currently stands at over 8-percent; it’s highest in the past 40 years. In an effort to rein in inflation, the Federal Reserve is incrementally increasing the interest rates.

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