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EU ministers fail to agree on 6th round of sanctions against Russia

Jerome Hughes
Press TV, Brussels

The Hungarian Government led by Viktor Orban is attracting scathing criticism from other EU nations. Citing an enormous economic impact, Orban is refusing to agree on an EU-wide ban on oil being imported from Russia.

The impasse was discussed at length by EU foreign affairs ministers on Monday. They have agreed to send 500 million euros to Ukraine for weapons to fight Russia, bringing the total so far to 2 billion euros. The EU's foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, boasts that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the money spent by the EU on weaponizing Ukraine.

Also on Monday, Borrell warned leaders from Western Balkans countries, they will have no chance of joining the EU unless they toe the line.

EU foreign ministers say it is essential that the bloc diversifies its energy supply chains. Experts point out that, after Russia, Iran has the world's second largest gas reserves.

The cost of living across the 27-nation EU is rising by the day. Finland and Sweden look set to join NATO. The West continues to deliver weapons to Ukraine. There is massive uncertainty regarding energy security. Experts say the West has no interest in normalizing relations with Russia.

For this reason economists are warning things will almost certainly get much worse for EU citizens before they get better.

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