Cuckoo’s nest AKA The White House

Many thought and still believe Donald Trump is crazy. Clinton was labelled a narcissist, Nixon paranoid and Theodore Roosevelt bipolar. John F Kennedy was said to have psychopathic traits and Abraham Lincoln experienced suicidal depression.

Now with Biden trying to shake hands with an invisible being, calling his vice president the president and first lady; the White House had to send the Easter bunny to save Biden from saying something crazy! Anything can happen in America!

While questioning the sanity of Biden one starts to think if any president was sane going into the white house in the first place!

In this episode we will discuss the mental state of the US president. What are the conditions for a president to be deemed unfit to carry out his duties? What do the American public think about the president’s mental stability. What would happen if the president is unfit for the job, and who decides if he is or not?

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