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Israeli 'punitive demolitions' 

Israeli forces violently attack Palestinians expressing anger at the destruction of the home of a prisoner in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. One young man with bullet wounds was rushed to the hospital. Omar Jaradat was detained in December last year on charges of involvement in an operation that left an Israeli dead. Recently, an Israeli court rejected the appeal filed by legal institutions on behalf of the family and ordered the demolition to go ahead. A senior member of the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, has condemned the move. Ezzat al-Rashq said Israel’s insistence on continuing its crimes will not bring security to it or its settlers. He warned that the demolition of homes will only increase the anger and determination of Palestinians to resist the occupier and get back every inch of their land. Israel often resorts to demolitions as part of collective punishment to advance its expansionist agenda. 

US military aid to Ukraine 

The United States has announced a new weapons package worth 150 million dollars for Ukraine to help in its war with Russia. President Joe Biden said the package will provide additional artillery munitions, radars, and other equipment. The US had already sent more than $3.4 billion worth of weaponry to Ukraine. Biden has warned that the current funding is running out, and urged Congress to authorize more. He wants the chamber to authorize a huge 33-billion-dollar Ukraine package that includes 20 billion dollars in military aid. The US and its allies continue to supply arms to Ukraine, despite repeated warnings by Russia to stop that. Moscow has warned of unpredictable consequences if Ukraine gets more weapons. 

North Korea's missile launch 

Japan and South Korea claim that North Korea has fired a ballistic missile into the sea off its east coast. South Korean military believes the projectile was a short-range, submarine-launched missile. On Wednesday, both countries also said North Korea had fired a ballistic missile. Pyongyang has not commented on both launches. But, in recent weeks, it has announced plans to build up its arsenal and even spoke of a preemptive nuclear strike to counter hostile forces. The North says its nuclear and missile program is for self-defense against US-led threats in the region. Washington has recently assessed that Pyongyang could be ready to conduct a nuclear test as early as this month. 

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