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West Bank violence

The Israeli regime intensifies its crackdown across the occupied West Bank ahead of the International Quds Day. The latest round of violence happened at the Jenin refugee camp hours ago, where a young Palestinian was shot in the head, and three others sustained injuries. Since March, Israel has escalated its violent raids across the occupied territories, prompting retaliatory Palestinian operations. The Al-Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds has been a flashpoint, with Israeli forces brutally attacking Palestinian worshipers during the holy month of Ramadan. 

Russia retaliation

Russia raises tensions over an energy dispute with the West to a higher level, by cutting off natural gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland. Giant energy corporation Gazprom says it has completely halted gas deliveries to the two countries, because they have been refusing to make payments in Russian currency. According to a statement by Gazprom, supplies will not resume until Sofia and Warsaw abide by the new terms. Last month, President Vladimir Putin announced that those countries which are unfriendly to Russia, will have to pay for their gas in rubles. Putin warned that those countries would risk losing Russian gas supplies, if they fail to comply with the currency switch.

US 'provocative' sail

The passage of a US warship through the sensitive Taiwan Strait is drawing protests from China, which is calling the move provocative. According to a statement by the Chinese military, the US actions not only deliberately harm peace and stability in the waterway, but they also send wrong signals to Taiwan forces seeking independence. In response, the US Navy has said that the warship only conducted a routine transit, that is allowed under international law. China considers the island as its territory, and views such US activities as a sign of support for Taiwan. Washington has no diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but is the island’s most important international supporter and arms supplier. 

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