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Saudi energy plants attacked 

The Yemeni army says has targeted vital sensitive sites in Saudi Arabia, among them oil giant Aramco, in its latest military operation against the kingdom. According to Army spokesman, Yahya Saree, the military operation, dubbed Breaking the Siege, targeted facilities in the capital Riyadh and several other areas, including the province of Jizan. He said batches of ballistic missiles, precision rockets and drones were used to conduct the offensive, as part of attempts to break the siege on Yemen. This is the latest retaliatory measure by the Yemeni armed forces in response to seven years of a Saudi-led military aggression and siege against Yemen. The United Nations says the Arab country is becoming a chronic emergency, warning that almost three in every four Yemenis are in need of critical humanitarian assistance. 

Fighting in Mariupol 

The city of Mariupol is witnessing heavy fighting on the 25th day of the conflict between Ukrainian troops and Russian forces. Mariupol officials say Russian tanks and artillery shelling are active in the city center, while intense street fighting are hampering rescue operations for those trapped in the basement of a bombed theater. Kiev is claiming that Moscow’s tightened siege of the port city has cut its access to waters, including the sea of Azov, and the Black Sea. Meanwhile, Russia says it has fired its modern hypersonic missile for the first time against an arms depot in western Ukraine. The UN says more than 800 people have been killed, three-point-three million have fled Ukraine, and over 6 million others have been internally displaced since Russia began its offensive.

London anti-racism rally 

Thousands of Britons have gathered in London, to mark UN Anti-Racism Day. Similar protests have been held globally, as the situation in Ukraine sheds light on the West’s double standards when it comes to refugees.

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