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  • The bridge is more than two kilometers long and connects Turkey’s European and Asian shores. It cuts travel time between the two locations to just six minutes. A consortium of Turkish and South Korean firms began constructing the huge bridge in 20-17, with a budget of two and half billion Euros.
  • In Peru, paleontologists have unearthed the skull of a ferocious marine predator that is an ancestor of the modern-day whale.The 36 million year old skull was dug up intact after it was discovered in Peru’s southern desert. Recreations of how the animal looked like show it mostly resembles a giant lizard that moved like a snake. Paleontologists say it was a top predator measuring some 12 meters long.
  • A painter in Pakistan shifts from trucks to trainers to uncover a hip new canvas for his famous “truck art.”
    He says he works on each pair of shoes for up to four days, and his paint of choice is mainly acrylic paint.
  • Starving lions left neglected in a zoo in Sudan have been pulled back from the brink of death after being rescued and transferred to a lion sanctuary. The five lions were given a second chance at life after being brought to the al-Bageir reserve south of the capital Khartoum.

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