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There is a push to put Ukraine at the need of Neo-Nazi groups: British scholar

This picture released by Ukrainian Presidential press-service on October 5, 2021 shows Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (R) and his Israeli counterpart Isaac Herzog shaking hands.(Photo by AFP)

A British scholar believes that there is an effort being made to put Ukraine "at the need of" some major Neo-Nazi groups. 

Kareem Dennis, better known by his stage name Lowkey, made the remarks in an interview on Press TV's program "Palestine Declassified."

In this episode of the program, the host Chris Williamson evaluates the presence of the volunteer forces of the Zionist regime among the Ukrainian soldiers in the war with Russia.

In conversations with Kareem Dennis and David Miller, another guest at the interview, Williamson also discusses the reasons for the direct involvement of the Zionist regime and the far-right currents of Zionism in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Lowkey, is a British-Iraqi rapper whose songs focus on political and social issues. He is a vocal opponent of Zionism and is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. He characterizes Zionism as colonialism and ethnic cleansing.

Miller is a British sociologist, whose research and publications focus on Islamophobia and propaganda. He was professor of sociology at British universities and co-founder and co-director of the non-profit company Public Interest Investigations (PII), which runs two projects, Spinwatch and Powerbase.

When asked about the reasons why the Zionist regime is directly involved in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Lowkey said, there is an effort to put Ukraine "at the need of" major Neo-Nazi groups.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr “Zelensky awarded last year ‘the hero of the Ukraine award’ to one of the main fighters of right sector organization. In addition to that, he appointed “Dmytro Yarosh” as advisor to the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, another very visible fighter from the right sector." Lowkey said, adding, "he has appointed the governor of Odessa, one of the Azov battalion, and overall what we see here is a push to really put the Ukrainian state at the need of these major Neo-Nazi groups.”

About the mysterious relationship between the Ukrainian president and billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky, Lowkey said, “He was the sponsor and backer of TV shows that Zelensky was a major star and he was able to take him from being that star to his landslide victory in the presidential election in 2019. Now what is interesting is that at the same time Kolomoisky was funding Zelensky in front of masses in TV, he was funding explicitly the rightwing and Neo-Nazi groups such as Azov Battalion.” 

The host asked David Miller about the Nazi’s presence in other countries and said that many people say that Nazis are everywhere and we shouldn’t hang up on the few in Ukraine. Miller responded that the point is that “none of them are in government and none of them are in prime positions, in military and police.”

“A street army is deployed alongside the national police across Ukraine, this is an army of thugs which is to there to intimidate anyone who steps off the line that means there are people who are seen to be Russian or pro-Russian,” Miller said.

About the extraordinary relationship between NATO and Neo-Nazi groups, Lowkey referred to Vladimir Jabotinsky, the revisionist Zionist leader who hailed from Odessa, Ukraine.

“There is no other figure in Zionist history that has more streets, hotels, cinemas, parks, schools named after them inside occupied Palestine 1948 than Jabotinsky. Now his followers are known as the Shanghai, the world’s well known terrorist organization that targeted British soldiers and Palestinian of course. It is a historical fact that in 1941 the Shangai wrote a letter to the Nazi government of Germany offering to enter the war on the Nazi side and supporting the Madagascar plan. There is a long history of this intertwining of ideas of Theodor Herzl that the European anti-Semite will be the best friends of Zionist movement because they will provide the Zionist movement with the human material through which the state can be built,” Lowkey said.

When asked if he thinks Israel is arming the Azov battalion with Tavor rifles, Lowkey said,  “When you look at general policy of NATO pumping Ukraine full of weapons since 2014,  (Petro) Poroshenko, the US-backed coup president, said publicly on TV he thanked the Swedes, the British and the Americans for sending weapons. NATO nations are generally pumping this area full of weapons in order to draw the Russian state into a quagmire, so when the Israeli regime sends the Tavor rifles to Azov they are mainly part of this general push which is taking place.” 

Miller went on to explain the mysterious Chabd Lubavitch sect and its role in the Zionist movement. In Chabd, they have a thing called a shluchim (shaliach) which is a word for emissaries and is called one who is sent out to promulgate Judaism and Hasidism in locations around the world.

“It’s learned on by Zionist movement, the Jewish agency for example adopted the same term shluchim for its emissaries from Israel all across Britain and across many other western countries. It uses it as a cutting edge for expanding the influence of Zionism even though it appears to seem a religious organization,” Miller said.

British sociologist explained about Kolomoisky and the relationship between the conflicts in Ukraine. He said that over 5 million dollars was looted by Kolomoisky form a bank and was done by the network of Shell Company that Zelensky also benefited from. The Two Chabadi leaders mentioned in the news have spread the money around Chabadi charities in New York and Florida.

“This is means of getting money out of Ukraine, as a way to destabilize the country… so there is a strong connection between Chabad movement which is supported inside the Ukraine by Kolomoisky and the Neo-Nazi groups,” Miller said.

About the end of the Russian-Ukraine conflict, Lowkey said, “We have few contradictions on one hand; if the United States separates Russia from the Europe, US companies will benefit massively from being the source of gas. For Europe, they have sideline the Nord stream pipeline which was major objective of US companies."

"On the other side what will harm the US interest is that when you push about 3 billion people in Russia, India and china towards each other to trade currency other than dollars, what you have is serious ramification economically.”

At the end of the interview, Miller added that imposing sanctions on Russia would cause energy prices to rise in European countries as well as the UK .

“Once the Swift payment system is stopped in Russia, they have to develop alternatives;  alternative internet if they are censored and that is going to lead potentially to the possibility of emerging alternative powerbase that challenges the US empire much more than this conflict,” Miller said.

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