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Paris prison death deepen suspicions in Epstein trafficking case

Ramin Mazaheri
Press TV, Paris

In 2019 Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire financier and alleged leader of a pedophile sex trafficking ring which catered to many Western politicians and business leaders infamously died by an alleged suicide in New York City. In Paris Jean-Luc Brunel, his closest confidante and the second-most important alleged participant in the ring, has just died under almost the exact same suspicious circumstances.

Both men allegedly hung themselves in high-security prisons; the monitoring cameras in both cells had been turned off --- the coincidences have provoked widespread demands for answers.

Brunel maintained his innocence but he’s been accused of procuring over a thousand women and girls for Epstein, whose so-called “pedophile island” in the US Virgin Islands was visited by ex-US President Bill Clinton, pro-Zionist lawyer Alan Dershowitz and many Arab sheiks. Epstein had well-documented friendships with ex-US president Donald Trump and many top US politicians.

Brunel is accused of teenage rape by the same woman who recently received a settlement to drop her case against the son of Queen Elizabeth II of England’s second son, Prince Andrew Edward.

Brunel will now take whatever secrets he had to his grave. While his death closes the book in France on his alleged crimes, his accusers have said his death is a devastating setback.

Brunel had been indicted on rape of a minor following years of complaints. Paris courts have opened an investigation to determine exactly what happened to Brunel, the security cameras and the failure to prevent Brunel’s death while in custody.

Without immediate transparency on Brunel's death the French government will likely continue to face accusations that they prefer to protect the rich even at the expense of innocent children.



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