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'Al Khalifa regime illegitimate, must leave rule over Bahrain'

Yusef Jalali
Press TV, Tehran

As Bahrainis are marking the eleventh anniversary of the February 14 uprising against the ruling Al Khalifa regime, Bahraini rights activists in Iran are calling on their people to stay steadfast in their struggle against the regime's unjust policies.

Since February 2011, Bahrain has been the scene of pro-democracy protests by Bahrainis who complain about discrimination in the Persian Gulf Kingdom.
The Bahraini regime has since been clamping down on any sign of dissent and has imprisoned and executed a large number of protesters.

In a televised speech aired from Iran's city of Qom, Bahrain's prominent Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim called for the establishment of a democratic and constitutional system to replace the Al Khalifah dynasty.

Activists here also slammed Al Khalifa for normalizing its ties with Israel, saying the move shows that the regime has no respect for the ideology of its people.
The Bahraini rights activists here say Al Khalifa and Al Saud are the puppets of Israel and the US, serving their interests in the region.

The Bahraini activists argue that without Israeli and American support, the autocratic regimes would collapse in a few days.

Political activists here say Al Khalifa's brutal crackdown on dissent is a proof of their illegitimacy to rule the country.

They say the revolution will not subside until the Bahraini royal family relinquish power, on the grounds that it does not represent the majority of Bahrainis.

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