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UK’s Corbyn urges world leaders to hold Israel to account for violations of Palestinians' rights

File photo of British MP and former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

British lawmakers and former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on world leaders and governments to hold the Israeli regime to account for its “despicable” abuse of native Palestinians, further slamming Western “democracies” for often ignoring the Israeli atrocities.

“There must be an urgent effort from world leaders and governments to hold the Israeli government to account for their despicable treatment of Palestinians, to end the apartheid and bring peace to the region, with justice, dignity and the guarantee of equal human rights for all,” Corbyn emphasized in a series of Twitter posts on Saturday.

He pointed to a recent Amnesty International report laying bare the Zionist regime’s abusive treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories. 

“Leading global democracies, such as the UK, US and European Union, have all too often walked by on the other side when the plight of the Palestinian people is laid bare in the international media, or tirelessly campaigned on by organizations such as Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Human Rights Watch,” added the British politician.

He referred to Amnesty’s “comprehensive report” -- released earlier in the week – detailing the Tel Aviv regime’s treatment of Palestinians in the occupied Palestine “as well as refugees displaced by conflict and violence across the Middle East.”

The development came as the US State Department reaffirmed its support for the Israeli regime after the international rights group censured Tel Aviv for imposing “apartheid" on Palestinians.

"The department’s own reports have never used such terminology," US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said during a press briefing on Tuesday, insisting that the Department "reject[s] the view that Israel's actions constitute apartheid."

Price further claimed that the US had its "own rigorous standards and processes for making determinations on potential human rights abuses."

This is while Washington regularly grants the Zionist regime with nearly $3 billion worth of lethal aid annually. It has also used its veto power at the United Nations Security Council to block almost every resolution critical of the regime’s atrocities over the decades.

The remarks came after the rights body found the Israeli regime culpable of exercising “apartheid” across the occupied Palestinian territories.

The group has become the latest human rights organization to blame the regime for apartheid in its abusive treatment of Palestinians.

The nearly 300-page report details "inhuman or inhumane acts of forcible transfer, administrative detention, torture, unlawful killings and serious injuries, and the denial of basic rights and freedoms or persecution committed against the Palestinian population," creating "an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination over Palestinians."

“Palestinians are treated as an inferior racial group and are systematically deprived of their rights,” the report further underlined.

Also last week, over 40 members of the US Congress called on the Biden administration to lead efforts to block a UN commission probing the Israeli regime’s war crimes against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The bipartisan group of 42 staunchly pro-Israel Congress members – led by New Jersey Democrat Josh Gottheimer and Missouri Republican Vicky Hartzler – claimed in a letter to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that the probe into the Israeli war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories reflected a "continued broader bias against Israel," further demanding that the UN should focus its attention elsewhere.

"Please know that while Congress may be divided on the Administration's decision to rejoin the [UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)], we stand united in urging you to act upon the Administration's commitment to defend Israel from discriminatory treatment at the Human Rights Council and throughout the UN system," the letter read as cited in a report by the UK-based Middle East Eye.

The official letter falsely alleged that UNHRC’s mandate is "designed to accelerate the political, economic, and legal challenges to Israel and undermine its legitimacy by pressuring international legal institutions to take action against Israeli leaders."

Meanwhile, a US-based non-profit group released a short film late last month documenting the Israeli regime’s killing of 77 Palestinian children in 2021 as part its campaign to halt the flow of massive American funds to support the occupying entity.

The two-minute film, produced by ‘If Americans Knew’ and posted on social media and the group's website, conveys the circumstance around which so many innocent Palestinian children have been killed by the Israeli occupation.

The film further details how much money the US government sends to the Israeli regime and the Palestinians as financial, military and humanitarian aid.

"During Fiscal Year 2020, the US is providing Israel with at least $10.5 million per day in military aid and $0 in military aid to the Palestinians," the organization declared.

The group also called on US lawmakers to show the film during their meetings in different Congressional committees to educate people about the continuous Israeli atrocities and crimes against the Palestinian population.

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