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US Europe deployment

The US Defense Department says it will deploy around 3,000 more troops to Eastern Europe amid mounting tensions between the West and Russia over Ukraine. Pentagon spokesperson, John Kirby, says the new deployment includes 2,000 troops which will be headed to Europe in coming days. Plus, 1,000 soldiers, who are currently based in Germany, will be moved to Romania, a southern neighbor of Ukraine. The troops are in addition to around 8,500 American soldiers, put on alert near the Ukrainian borders. That’s while Washington accuses Moscow of fabricating the context of invasion on Ukraine, citing the deployment of Russian troops for its claim. However, Russia denies the accusation, saying it has piled up its troops on its own soil purely for defensive purposes in the face of NATO’s eastward expansion.

US involvement in Yemen war

The United States is growing more engaged in the war on Yemen. The Pentagon is preparing to send fifth-generation fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates in the wake of Yemeni strikes deep inside the Persian Gulf state. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says Washington will also deploy guided missile destroyer USS Cole to Abu Dhabi. The US will continue to provide early warning intelligence to the UAE. Two days ago, Washington also intercepted a Yemeni projectile headed for the UAE. The Yemeni army has warned that it will continue to strike the Emirates as long as it keeps targeting Yemeni people. On Monday, Yemeni armed forces targeted a number of sensitive facilities in the capital Abu Dhabi. The UAE is part of the Saudi coalition that has been waging a bloody war on Yemen for seven years. Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis have been killed directly from the war or indirectly from hunger and disease.

Turkey Iraq, Syria attacks

The Iraqi military has condemned Turkey’s deadly airstrikes against suspected Kurdish militants in northern Iraq. The military calls the Turkish infiltration into Iraqi air space as a violation of the country’s sovereignty. Separately, an Iraqi Security Media Cell, affiliated to the prime minister’s office has criticized Ankara. It urges Turkey to respect the principle of good neighborliness and international regulations. Meanwhile, the Turkish defense ministry confirmed that dozens of its warplanes and drones pounded what it called bases of PKK, and YPG Kurdish groups in Iraq and Syria. The attacks left a number of people dead and injured although the exact number of casualties remains unknown. Turkey views both groups as terrorists and has carried out numerous attacks against them. The Syrian government has not reacted to the Turkish aerial raids. 

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