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US soldiers leave Al Faw palace at Camp Victory in Baghdad in this file photo. (By Reuters)

Attack on US Iraq base

Iraqi media say a military base housing American forces near Baghdad’s international Airport has come under attack.

According to the media reports, the base known as Camp Victory was attacked by six rockets. Still, no word on possible casualties or material damage. There has been no immediate claim of responsibility either. Camp Victory and other US military bases in Iraq have frequently been attacked in the past months.

US deadly operations

The US military has been under intense pressure over a drone strike in the Afghan capital last year. Now a new study says the Pentagon is to blame for QUOTE considerable weaknesses and inconsistencies in assessing civilian casualties.

The study is conducted by a global policy think tank, the RAND Corporation. It concludes that systematic weaknesses at the Department of Defense are causing it to fall short of its duties in addressing civilian harm. The study also finds that the US military complicates the problem by failing to get adequate information from sources outside the government or armed forces. The August 29 drone attack killed at least 10 civilians, including seven children. The US military initially claimed that the target was Daesh terrorists. But the Pentagon ultimately called it a tragic mistake following the release of the airstrike’s video by the central command.

NATO nuclear threat

Russia says the western military alliance, NATO, is developing the capacity for nuclear strikes against its territory.

The country’s top arms control official Vladimir Yermakov has spoken of what he called joint nuclear missions between NATO countries. He says, in those missions, non-nuclear NATO members are housing American B-61 nuclear bombs. The Russian official says the same members are taking part in training sessions to develop American nuclear capabilities aimed at his country. He has urged an end to those missions and says all American nuclear weapons must return to US territory. The Russian official said, these demands were included in a list Moscow presented to the West in December.

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