Poor pirates

Today we take a look at some unlikely and rather unsuccessful pirates in the Sea of Oman. In recent weeks, the United States of America celebrated a historic achievement in the Middle East. That’s where the Americans appear to have managed to fail in yet another military operation.

Now that’s not historic. For them, that’s normal. However, the historic part is that this time they failed without killing anyone! How could they lose without firing a shot?

Well, according to the Islamic Republic of Iran, on October 25, 2021, the US Navy intercepted an Iranian oil tanker in the Sea of Oman. The report says they transferred oil off that ship to a second tanker. However, it seems this oil-snatching op then went a little wonky.

In fact, over the course of just a couple of hours this latest USA escapade shifted from mission accomplished to mission impossible! This inglorious reversal of fortunes appears to have been thanks to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - IRGC for short.

They used their navy to intervene by boarding and taking control of the situation. You have got to feel sympathy for those poor Americans! They really didn't expect it all to go gaga – and I don’t mean the singer!

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