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Call for sanctions removal 

Iran’s deputy foreign minister has told Press TV that the removal of sanctions will be the main focus of the upcoming talks with the parties to the 2015 nuclear deal. Bagheri Kani says Iran has a strong logic based on which it has entered negotiations. The top Iranian negotiator says the Islamic Republic has been committed to the nuclear deal and is standing by the negotiating table. He believes some parties are away from the table either by violating the agreement or failing to live up to their obligations. The talks are expected to resume in late November. Iran and the remaining signatories to the pact have conducted six rounds of negotiations in Vienna with the aim of removing anti-Iran sanctions.

US troops in Taiwan 

Tensions have escalated between China and the US over Taiwan. Beijing says it is firmly opposed to any formal exchange and military contact between Washington and Taipei. China’s foreign ministry called on Washington not to interfere in its internal affairs and avoid attempts to provoke or stir up trouble. Beijing said the US should not underestimate the strong determination of the Chinese people to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity. It said the one-China principle is the political foundation of China-US relations. The reaction came after Taiwan’s president, for the first time, admitted that US forces are providing military training to the island’s forces.

Fishing rights row 

A post-Brexit dispute over fishing rights between Paris and London, once again flaring up. France now says it has fined two British boats, fishing off its port, Le Havre. France gave verbal warnings to the vessels on Wednesday. The maritime police then escorted one of them back to the harbor. The re-directed boat is risking legal action and confiscation of its catch. Tensions have been simmering between the two neighbors over post-Brexit trade arrangements. France is demanding more licenses for its vessels to access British waters. It's even threatening to block British boats from its ports, and tighten security checks on its trucks, if there's no agreement by next week. London says it's disappointed at the Paris decision, calling it a violation of trade deals and international law.

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