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Israeli soldiers look on as Israeli excavators demolish Palestinian-built houses in the village of Sair village northeast of Hebron in the occupied West Bank on August 5, 2021. (Photo by AFP)

Israeli demolitions

A UN report indicates that nearly 100 Palestinians were displaced by the Israeli demolition drive in occupied East al-Quds in August. The figure published by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs marks the highest number of displacement in one month in East al-Quds this year. It says 26 Palestinian homes were destroyed in that month either by Israel or their owners. Israeli authorities demolish Palestinians homes in occupied territories on a regular basis citing different pretexts, including lack of building permits. Some Palestinians demolish their homes themselves to avoid paying the cost if the process is done by the Israeli municipality. Israel’s demolition of Palestinian structures has made around 200 people homeless across the occupied West Bank this year so far.

Saudi Yemen attack

At least five civilians have been killed in a Saudi artillery attack on a border town in Yemen's Sa’ada province. Yemeni media say, nearly a dozen people also injured in the shelling of the Al-Rafu area in the town of Manbeh on Friday. Saudi Arabia has launched a devastating war and imposed an all-out blockade on Yemen since 2015. The war has left tens of thousands of Yemeni, mostly civilian, dead and millions of others displaced. The Saudi aggression has plunged the impoverished nation further into an economic crisis, triggering acute food shortages there. The UN has already described the situation in war-torn Yemen as the world’s largest Humanitarian Crisis.

Backing US secession

A new poll has found that almost half of Americans believe it is time to split the United States based on support for Republican and Democratic parties. The survey has been conducted by the University of Virginia’s center for politics. It suggests that 52 percent of Republican supporters somewhat agree with secession. The study indicates that 41 percent of Democratic fans are also in favor of the idea. Researchers say their findings have revealed a deep divide between supporters of the two camps. They also say the scope of the gap is unprecedented in the US and it will not be easily fixed.

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