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Crackdown on Arba'een march

Prominent Nigerian cleric, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, says the 2014 massacre in the northern city of Zaria was a pre-planned crackdown by the government. In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Zakzaky said as many as 1200 people were killed in the carnage and many more were injured. The cleric noted that the Zaria massacre was the worst of its kind but opened the eyes and ears of the people. Zakzaky also said the recent deadly crackdown on the Arba’een march in the capital Abuja was not justified. Elsewhere in his remarks, Zakzaky said the people of his country will opt for an Islamic democracy if given the choice.

US offer of talks a "facade"

North Korea’s Leader, Kim Jong Un, has rejected as facade the US offer of talks, saying it is a cover for hostile policy. Kim says US military threats against North Korea have remained in place under the administration of Joe Biden. Kim was reacting to a top US envoy who said North Korea’s missile launches are a threat to the region, but they would not stop Washington from pursuing a diplomatic path forward. The North Korean leader also expressed willingness to restore inter-Korean hotlines as of October. Kim said it is up to South Korea to continue standoff or foster new relations. He noted that Pyongyang has no reason to provoke or hurt Seoul.

UK fuel crisis

The UK government is set to deploy military tanker drivers as panic buying dries petrol pumps and drives up prices. With disruptions to continue possibly for up to a month if not longer, tensions at gas stations are running high.

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