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Iran Lebanon fuel shipments

Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah says a second ship loaded with diesel coming from Iran has arrived in Syria. Hezbollah says the vessel arrived in Banias port, northwest Syria on Thursday. The shipment will be divided into smaller batches and will be transported to Lebanon by tankers. The first vessel carrying Iranian fuel to Lebanon arrived in Syria on September 12. More shipments are expected in the coming days. Iran is sending fuel to Lebanon to help it ease its crippling energy shortages triggered by a deep financial meltdown. Hezbollah has blamed the crisis on US sanctions targeting Lebanon.

Ex-Catalan leader arrested

The Spanish government says former Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont must face justice in Spain. Madrid’s reaction follows Puigdemont arrest in Italy on Thursday. His lawyer has said Puigdemont will appear in court later on Friday. Judges will decide on whether to let him go or extradite him to Spain. Puigdemont supporters have gathered outside the Italian embassy in the Catalan capital, Barcelona to protest his arrest. Puigdemont is wanted by the Spanish government over a 2017 independence referendum in Catalonia. At the time Madrid ruled the vote unconstitutional, and accused Puigdemont of sedition over the independence push. He fled to Belgium following the referendum.

UK gas stations turmoil

The British government has urged public clam as a shortage of truckers has caused problems in delivering fuel. British media say the shortage of drivers has already forced the closure of some gas stations. They say some other service stations are out of at least one type of fuel. There are also fears over a food supply crunch. The government insists there’s no fuel shortage. It says it will do whatever it can to recruit more drivers. But the haulage industry says there are no quick fixes. It says it currently needs around 100,000 drivers to alleviate the shortage. The problem has been blamed on Brexit that has reduced the number of drivers working in the UK. The pandemic is contributed too, as it hampered the qualification process for new workers.

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