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UN, IAEA blamed for 'inaction'

Iran has called on the International Atomic Energy Agency to refrain from making politically motivated decisions. Mohammad Eslami was addressing the IAEA-’s 65th General Conference. The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran met with IAEA chief Rafael Grossi and slammed Israel’s terrorist attacks against his country’s nuclear sites and the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. Eslami denounced the inaction of the United Nations and the IAEA on such measures. Further in his remarks, the official touched on the sanctions the US re-imposed on Iran following Washington’s unilateral pullout from the 2015 nuclear deal. Eslami demanded that Washington remove the bans in a verifiable manner.

Submarine deal row

The European Union has sided with France in a row over Australia’s ditching a multi-billion-dollar submarine deal with Paris in favor of an alternative pact with the US and the UK. European Council chief Charles Michel accused Washington of a lack of loyalty, saying allies needed to be sure of transparency and trust. Michel said the move would reinforce European efforts to build their own defense capacity. Separately, the president of the European commission said the treatment France received is unacceptable. She said there are a lot of open questions on the secret pact Australia made with Britain and the US, before scrapping the deal with France. The European Commission says trade talks between the EU and Australia might be derailed by the diplomatic crisis between Paris and Canberra.

Nigeria Cholera casualties

A senior Nigerian health official says the cholera outbreak in the African country has claimed over 2300 lives and infected thousands more since the start of this year. The official from Nigeria Center for Disease Control also reported some 70,000 suspected cholera cases, with 19 northern Nigerian states accounting for 98 percent of infections. He added, children aged five to fourteen are more vulnerable to the disease. Dilapidated infrastructure and under-investment have been cited as reasons for a high rate of water-borne diseases. According to health sector sources, Nigeria has experienced a higher fatality rate from cholera compared to the previous four years. Other than cholera, the country is also battling with the Coronavirus outbreak that has claimed over 2600 lives and infected more than 200,000 others, so far.




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