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Advanced skills training for hi-tech industries

Historically, each epoch has a particular growth spurt in industry. And at present, what we are witnessing is another industrial shift, but this time it is towards knowledge-based products.

Iran has a wealth of rich scientific research and some of the best universities in the region. Presently the country is making efforts to convert that information into advanced products that benefit society and contribute to the economy.

The general lack of specialized skills is what usually kills a start-up company in research-based industries. Practical skills and in-depth knowledge are important for the formation and development of entrepreneurial atmospheres.

However, ultimately, having knowledge does not mean that a start-up will automatically be successful. In fact, many start-ups do not last very long.

For students, a mismatch of skills required by the industry has generally been the root of unemployment. The link between graduates, research, and academic institutions is vital. Gaining experience prepares students and graduates to join an already established workforce.

Researchers will also gain from the knowledge of graduates and academic institutions to produce products that can be breakthroughs in markets that need them.

The country has shifted toward a knowledge-economy and gravitated to making policy that supports specialized skill training for individuals with higher education.

Also, several initiatives have been implemented to support knowledge-based firms and start-ups.

These products can be medicines made by biotech firms for regenerative cell growth, or they can be specialized components of an airplane engine.

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