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Influx of Afghan refugees into Iran unabated in wake of Taliban rule

Yusef Jalali
Press TV, Iran-Afghanistan border

Aside from the tumultuous stories of Afghanistan, there is a story of a quest for peace; an epic trek that took this Afghan family 48 hours on foot to get to neighboring Iran.

Like thousands of Afghans who sought asylum in Iran in the wake of the Taliban rule, Maryam, her husband and their kids tried to cross into Iran.

But the distraught family took the wrong path that led them to climb the border wall overnight, only for pregnant Maryam to lose her grip and fall on her stomach on the Iranian side of the border.

First aiders stationed on the Iranian border say Maryam lost her baby. She was sent to the nearest hospital for abortion.

Upon their arrival in Iran, the Afghan family were caught by Iran's border police, who then took them to this temporary camp, filled with hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers who have fled an uncertain future in their country, as their former President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan and handed over power to the Taliban.

Iran is home to some 800,000 registered Afghan refugees. Over two million more Afghans who live in Iran are undocumented.

Iran's border police predict as long as the political landscape in Afghanistan is unclear, the flow of refugees from Afghanistan will not subside.

Afghan refugees say they have fled a future that is shrouded in uncertainty. They now seek a new life in a country that has already housed millions of Afghans over the past decades, something which shines a glimmer of hope that they could finally find peace after years of chaotic life back home.

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