Insight into protests in Cuba

Richard Medhurst speaks with Marlen Redondo, the Chargée d’Affaires of the Republic of Cuba’s Embassy and Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Vienna about the disinformation campaign by the United States regarding the protests in the Caribbean nation.

Protests in Cuba have rocked international headlines for several weeks now. It’s said they began on July 11th, 2021 and spread all across the island to dozens of cities. The US has not only welcomed these protests but encouraged them too.

US President Joe Biden has not only kept former president Donald Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure Campaign’ on the Caribbean nation, but increased sanctions, saying that this is just the beginning. Several prominent lawmakers in Congress, specifically in the Republican party, have advocated direct intervention in Cuba, even suggesting airstrikes.

Cuba has responded that the entire affair is orchestrated by the United States in order to interfere in Cuba’s internal politics: they point to decades of covert and overt assaults on Cuba, the embargo, and US efforts to malign the Caribbean nation. Several other presidents in the region express support.

President Maduro of Venezuela, President Obrador of Mexico both raised concern that the United States should not be using humanitarian endeavors as a shield or pretext in order to interfere in Cuba’s internal affairs.

So what is happening in Cuba? In order to find out, I went to get the other side of the story that you don’t hear in corporate and mainstream media. I sat down with the Chargée d’Affaires of the Cuban Embassy and Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Vienna. We talked extensively about these protests, the embargo and much more.

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