Saudi Arabia’s siege against Yemen

As Yemen marks the 7th anniversary of the beginning of the Saudi-led bombings, there is a silent killer in Yemen that no one is talking about the blockade.

The Saudi-led coalition has imposed a siege on Yemen, preventing fuel ships from docking in the port of Hodeida. This has caused fuel prices to skyrocket, people can’t afford cooking gas, electricity, the country’s inflation has gone ballistic and the poorest country on earth is being forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars extra for fuel—for absolutely no reason.

The Saudis claim that there is no embargo on Yemen. They say that Yemenis are free to import food, and all sorts of commodities. But the part that they leave out is that they’re not allowing Yemenis to import fuel. And when there are fuel shortages the entire economy goes down the drain.

Now, what I’m about to show you here is a presentation of my own independent, investigative journalism, in partnership with the Yemeni economist. He graduated from Oxford and worked at the World Bank; his name is Amir Althibah and he put together this report which shows the true extent of the Saudi embargo.

This is the silent killer that no one is talking about. The silent killer that is destroying Yemen. And we will expose it right now. I’m Richard Medhurst and you’re watching The Communiqué.

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