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US convoys attacked

Iraqi security sources say three US logistics convoys have been separately targeted by roadside bombs. Two convoys were hit in Dhi Qar governorate in the south and one convoy in the central governorate of Qadisiyah. There were no immediate reports on the possible casualties or any claims of responsibility. Earlier on Thursday, two rockets hit a US base near the country’s embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone. A security source said the rockets caused no casualties or damage. No group has claimed responsibility for that attack. American military and diplomatic compounds have been increasingly targeted in recent months in Iraq, amid growing anti-US sentiments there. This week, Baghdad and Washington agreed to end the US combat mission in Iraq by the end of this year.

'US biggest cybersecurity threat'

China has blasted the United States as the empire of hacking and theft of secrets, urging the international community to confront the US bullying in cyberspace. The Defense Ministry spokesman also called Washington the biggest threat to global cyber-security. Wu Qian cited a recent report that the US National Security Agency collaborated with Denmark's Defense Intelligence Service to spy on European officials. Wu also referred to revelations by Wikileaks and former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden. He said the United States has spared no effort in militarizing the cyber-space and developing its own cyber-attack capability. He said Washington for years has conducted mass-scale cyber espionage and attacks on foreign governments, companies and individuals. He added that the US has the world's biggest cyber-attack arsenal.

Covid-19 cases surge in Tokyo 

Japan sounds the alarm over the spread of Covid-19 as the capital Tokyo reports a continuous rise in its daily caseload. The government says coronavirus infections are spreading at an unprecedented rate across the country. The warning comes after Tokyo logged nearly 3,900 new cases, an all-time high for the third day in a row. The city is under a fourth state of emergency, which was announced shortly before the start of the 2020 Olympics. The games are underway despite widespread opposition inside Japan and fears that the event could turn into a Covid-19 super-spreader. Authorities have confirmed that two foreign athletes have been hospitalized with Covid-19, while nearly 40 others are self-isolating. 

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