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Canada indigenous abuse

Canadian police have revealed that they have been investigating abuse allegations at a former residential school for indigenous children since 2011. The revelation follows an inquiry by a local media outlet in Manitoba province about the government-funded Fort Alexander school. Police say they have talked to more than 700 people in their search for potential victims. So far, no criminal charges have been filed. Fort Alexander was closed in 1970. It was one of dozens of boarding schools founded to forcibly integrate thousands of indigenous children over the past century. Many children suffered ill-treatment and systematic abuse at the church-run institutions. The issue has drawn fresh attention in recent months after the discovery of more than 1,300 unmarked graves in several residential schools.

US Capitol protest inquiry

A congressional inquiry into the US Capitol protest on January six has kicked off with testimonies from police officers who faced off a group of then-President Donald Trump's supporters. The hearing panel was convened with four police officers, two from Capitol police and two from Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department. The officers told the lawmakers they were beaten, taunted with racial insults, and were even threatened to death by the protesters. The officers called them terrorists engaged in an attempted coup. They also criticized the lawmakers who have sought to downplay the incident. The officers urged the investigation committee to determine what happened on that day.

COVID-19 vaccine inequality

The International Monetary Fund has warned of widening gaps between rich and poor countries due to unequal distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. The IMF has pointed to vaccine access as the major issue affecting the world recovery. The organization has cautioned that the economic recovery could be derailed if worldwide vaccination is not achieved. Global gross domestic product is predicted to grow 6-percent this year. According to the IMF, growth is projected to be faster in advanced economies than in that of emerging ones. To narrow the disparities, the agency has urged the advanced countries to share at least one-billion doses to help contain the coronavirus in the developing nations.

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