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Iranian protesters urge govt. to address water shortage in SW Khuzestan Province

Yusef Jalali
Press TV, Khuzestan

Pictures of dead buffaloes, dried-up farmlands and angry farmers who have lost their source of income are these days becoming viral as Iran's Khuzestan Province is facing the worst water shortage in more than half a century.

The cities of Susangerd, Shadegan and Abadan are among the worst-hit.

Over the past few days, people there have been taking to the streets, demanding that the government fix the problem.

Different institutions in the country have pitched in to help tackle the issue. On Sunday, the Headquarters for the Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order paid a visit to Khuzestan to assess the damages. The head of the non-governmental entity vowed to help.

Iran is facing the most severe drought in more than 50 years. Coupled with blistering summer heat waves, the problem has devastated agriculture and livestock farming in Khuzestan, and led to power cuts.

The gravity of the water shortage here is snowballing as more livestock is dying and more farms are drying. Now as authorities have vowed to solve the problem, locals here hope those promises would soon be fulfilled to ease the pain of the scorching days ahead.

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