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US intervention in Lebanon deepening crisis

Mariam Saleh
Press TV, Beirut

These streets in the Lebanese capital Beirut used to be crowded during religious holidays but today many have already locked up their businesses which are already struggling to survive.

With spreading Coronavirus cases and rising delta cases, the state of the country is being described as a slow death.

It has been almost one year since the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab which occurred after the august 4th Beirut Port explosion. It seems the job of an acting cabinet will continue for a while with what could be months-long talks to reach a consensus.

Observers say the main reason for this delay is partly the veto put by the former Prime Ministers club, the main allies of Hariri, and partly a western veto in the type of cabinet the country will form which sources say is heard from the ambassadors of France and the US in Beirut.

Experts say the crisis in Lebanon began after the US started a full scale intervention in Lebanon in October 2019. As experts warn, Hariri's resignation has put Lebanon on the brink of collapse.

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