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Yemen retaliatory attack

The Yemeni army has released footage of an attack on a military target in Saudi Arabia’s Najran province last week. Army spokesman Yahya Saree said the operation was carried out using ten Qasef 2-K drones. On June 24th, Yemeni armed forces targeted a military training camp in the Saudi town of al-Wadiah. The attack left dozens of Saudi forces dead. Yemeni armed forces say their retaliatory attacks against Saudi Arabia in response to the deadly war the kingdom has been waging on their country. Tens of thousands of Yemenis, mostly civilians, have been killed in the Saudi onslaught that began in March 2015.

US' lethal strikes

More than one hundred human rights and anti-war groups have demanded an end to what they called the United States’ unlawful program of deadly strikes outside recognized combat zones.In a letter to US President Joe Biden, the groups noted that the program has taken an appalling toll on "Muslim, Brown, and Black communities" across the world. They stressed that the US approach has undermined and violated fundamental rights. The letter also criticized the unilateral authorization of secretive extrajudicial killings with no accountability for wrongful deaths or civilian casualties. The letter was signed by 77 US-based organizations and 36 from aboard, including several from Yemen. It comes following the US airstrikes against positions of resistance forces inside Iraq and Syria earlier this week. The attacks have drawn criticism from human right activists and anti-war organizations. 

Europe COVID-19 surge 

The World Health Organization says COVID-19 cases are on the rise again in Europe after two months of decline, warning of a new wave of infections there. In an online press conference, Hans Kluge urged citizens and lawmakers to remain disciplined in order to prevent a new wave in the European region. Kluge cautioned that the new surge comes in the context of rising cases of the Delta variant, first spotted in India. The WHO official noted that the vaccine rollout is too slow to offer the necessary protection. A report by the European Union's disease control agency estimates that the more contagious Delta variant could account for 90 percent of new cases in the EU by the end of August. 

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