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Are anti-Semitism accusations attempt to gag UK students?

Robert Carter
Press TV, London

The British government has come to Israel’s political aid once again only this time in the form of pressure on British teachers to suppress students from expressing pro-Palestine sentiments. This comes as fears rises of British state anti-extremism mechanisms being used to silence legitimate youth voices critical of imperialism, colonialism and Israeli crimes.

A heated debate over freedom of speech in Britain’s schools has raged for weeks following Israel’s aggression against Palestinians.

The issue has become so widespread that the government has stepped in, threatening teachers to ensure “political impartiality” following a so-called “abhorrent” increase in anti-Semitism.

The question, "Is criticism of Israel being totally banned in British schools?," is being asked by many concerned onlookers especially in the Muslim community. Many experts are worried that students are being taught the wrong lesson when it comes to standing up for their beliefs and are ultimately being punished for expressing themselves.

Stories of students wearing Palestinian flags and chanting pro-Palestine slogans in classrooms led to a rise in teachers attempting to silence the sentiment.

Muslim defense groups don’t believe the children have done anything wrong.

Several pro-Israel newspapers have reported some students engaging in anti-Semitic bullying of Jewish teachers but experienced activists fear legitimate protests are being gagged.

As protests continue to unfold in streets across the country, the likelihood of further escalation in British schools remains a real possibility. 

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