Ode on vision 2030

When it comes to shorthand, it might be easy to mix up MDF with MBS. MDF is a cheap medium density fibreboard used for making sofas. MBS is Muhammad Bin Salman and he isn’t used in sofas at all.

Also another difference is that MDF furniture has never declared war on Yemen. So if you sit on your MDF sofa and it declares war on you, you’ll probably find you just accidently sat down on the Crown Prince by accident. Get up fast. In fact and curiously, as well as standing for Mohammad Bin Salman, MBS also stands for “Management by Suppression.” Coincidence?

I don’t think so. Bin Salman appears to have embraced this approach as his favoured to rule the Saudi kingdom. And as a result he’s hardly seen a day without clamour or calamity. If you think that, just because you havestate-of-the-art weapons, you’re entitled to put in prison other princes, intellectuals, writers, activists, billionaires, critics AND female drivers why’s that funny? you should fire your advisors or read a book about how the art of governing nicely.

Andif you think your state-of-the-art weapons, mean you can invade the poorest country in the region and win a war, you need to study history. Yes, I know it’s boring, and not as much fun as buying bombs from America. But the news tells us how that friendly neighbourhoodworldsuperpower whosold all those state-of-the-artweapons is doing in Iraq.

It’s leaving after two decades with a whole lot of new enemies, a huge bill and sunburn. As far as MBS is concerned, for Taliban cut and replace with Ansarullah Yemen’s fighters who haven’t got state of the art weapons but seem to have taken the trouble to read that other book called The Art of War.

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